With pride of our tradition Villa Castle Stocco offers top quality accommodation in luxury villa. There you will find an oasis of peace and relaxing experience of centennial garden. Villa Stocco Castle are an ideal choice for families with children, as well as all the other guests who want to feel the atmosphere of the centuries-old tradition-rich verdant greenery of the environment. Family Stipanić will come out to meet all your needs to make your stay as relaxed as possible. Villa Stocco Castle is also suitable for a variety of applications such as team-building events, seminars, banquets, exhibitions and more.
We look forward to seeing you.

A castle with tradition

Today this luxurious castle offers high quality accomodation inside the building renovated in an original, modern way.

The combination of modernly furnished interior and the originality of the building enriched by carefully planned details offer a memorable experience.

Besides the restoration and preservation of the castle, the restoration of the noble family Stocco's coat of arms was done with great care.

Castle Stocco